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"Black Friday Buying Frenzy Bootcamp" 
Learn How to Make The Start of This Holiday
Shopping Season Your Best Sales Day Ever
Without Trying to Figure Out All By Yourself
How to Set Up a Black Friday Marketing Campaign!!

Tuesdays Oct. 5th - Nov. 9th @ 5pm PDT

Are you someone who tried to make a sale during last year's Black Friday event and it went flat? 

Or maybe you're a coach who doesn't want to be left behind with this year’s Black Friday’s sale and just don’t know where to start.

I hear ya!!  My first Black Friday was a disaster.  I wasn’t prepared for the sales frenzy.  

But now I am. And will share with you what's needed to pull off a successful Black Friday sales event so that you’re not spinning trying to catch up during the BIGGEST sales day ever.  

Within 6 weeks, create and setup your Black Friday marketing campaign.

  Promote to your established targeted audience.  
Make this Black Friday your best sales event ever!     

Be ready to go and take advantage of the buying frenzy this year!

Here's What's Included: 

🟧  The Psychology Behind Black Friday Purchases And How to Optimize For Success
🟧  Dominate Organic Sales (no paid ads) And Smash Q4 Quotas
🟧  What Makes a Great Irresistible Offer That Sells And Assemble It
🟧  Pre-Sell Customers Before You Even Tell Them Where They Can Buy
🟧  Use of Graphic Design and Images to Grab Your Audience Attention
🟧  How to Rise Above the Inbox Noise With Tips, Tricks And Convert Via Email
🟧  How to Write Sales Copy When Using a Landing Page /Thank You Page 
🟧  The Ultimate Email Sequence That Creates Anticipation For What’s Coming, Promotes ‘The Offer’ and Gives Late Buyers One More Chance to Buy.
🟧 Facebook Posts That Tease  With Anticipation,  Showcases ‘The Offer’ and Dangles In Front Of Late Buyers One More Chance to Buy.
🟧  How to Use Headlines and Subject Lines That Grab Attention
🟧  Set Up and TEST, TEST, TEST Small Call to Action Headline

Imagine how you will feel when you have a well-oiled marketing, sales and delivery 'machine' operating so that you can generate more qualified leads, make more calls, enroll more clients and 
make more sales.
That's what's available to you when you enroll in the year long My Client Accelerator Academy.  

A hybrid group coaching program where you will work with me and learn how to simplify your marketing so you can multiply your sales.  

Are you someone who has been trying unsuccessfully to market your business online?  Either not clear on your offer, having absolutely no idea what to do or don't know where to find qualified leads? 
Then this is the program for you.  

Hi, I'm Dallas Piana

Hey I get it.  Nothing more frustrating than buying course after course, spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to get clients online and still feel like you're getting nowhere.
Maybe you're still at the exact same place you were a year ago...maybe 3 years ago.  I can really relate.  
I too have spent thousand of dollars on coaches and courses; like email marketing, content marketing, branding, social media marketing, copy writing, sales and others.  Never once did any of those courses or caoches show me how it all ties together... Like what comes first?!

Finally I stumbled across a few mentors who showed me exactly how to pull it all together easily.  From beginning to end. I have had such success, its time to share with others so that you can go and make an impact in the world!
One of my clients had no online marketing experience at all.  I think I was her first paid coach.  By following my step by step process to attract an audience, nurture and convert, she sold her high ticket coaching packages with ease and was making $10,000 within 10 weeks of my program. 

Others continue to increase their clients and cash flow month after month. 
It's all about putting in place a solid, what's working NOW marketing and sales system that attracts, nurtures and converts your leads into clients.  

And this is exactly what you will learn and implement in my hybrid group coaching program. 

Success Stories 

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