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 How to Attract - Impact - Prosper 
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When you step into my program, My Client Accelerator Academy and work with me personally, you'll learn to simplify so you can multiply.  You're taught how to create a well oiled marketing, sales and delivery machine that  provides more leads, more calls, more clients, and more sales. 

Are you someone who has been trying unsuccessfully to market your business online?  Either not clear on your offer, having absolutely no idea what to do or don't know where to find qualified leads, then this is the program for you.  

Hi, I'm Dallas Piana

Hey I get it.  Nothing more frustrating than buying course after course, spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars trying to figure out how to get clients online and still feel like you're getting nowhere.
Maybe you're still at the exact same place you were a year ago...maybe 3 years ago.  I can really relate.  
I too have spent thousand of dollars on coaches and courses; like email marketing, content marketing, branding, social media marketing, copy writing, sales and others.  Never once did any of those courses or caoches show me how it all ties together... Like what comes first?!

Finally I stumbled across a few mentors who showed me exactly how to pull it all together easily.  From beginning to end. I have had such success, its time to share with others so that you can go and make an impact in the world!
One of my clients had no online marketing experience at all.  I think I was her first paid coach.  By following my step by step process to attract an audience, nurture and convert, she sold her high ticket coaching packages with ease and was making $10,000 within 10 weeks of my program. 

Others continue to increase their clients and cash flow month after month. 
It's all about putting in place a solid, what's working NOW marketing and sales system that attracts, nurtures and converts your leads into clients.  

And this is exactly what you will learn and implement in my hybrid group coaching program. 

Success Stories 

Get Client NOW! 

How to Attract-Impact-Prosper With Certainty 
Using Facebook 

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June 7-11th, 2021 - 11am PST 

Learn  About the Buyer's Journey
How to Optimize Facebook Platform for Your Business
Giving Your Audience What They Want 
Building Visibility & Momentum With Your Content 
Hooks & Conversation Starter Posts 

This exclusive Facebook group is where we all come together, connect, learn and grow as we make a difference in our clients lives. Tons of training, insights, information to help you take your business to the next level. And yes, it's FREE!
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